MBARARA- News reaching our desk has revealed that Ms Ruth Birungi, the wife to Dr Barigye the Hospital Director Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital has become a thorn in the life of a man whose self-esteem is regarded high.

Dr Barigye Celestine had undergone a very high risk but successful brain surgery operation at Mulago National Referral Hospital before government sent him to Turkey for further medical attention. According to the documents seen by this publication, Dr Barigye was discharged but was supposed to continue taking medicines on top of frequent reviews from doctors at Mulago and those in Turkey.  Dr Barigye took the medicines in the first months and was showing signs of recovering fully.

In fact, he had resumed his duties and was discharging office works normally. However, in turn of events, the wife Ms Birungi under the false guidance of her pastors started lying to her that the doctors case medical but witchcraft. In fact in one of the videos making rounds the woman is seen in Pastor Kayanja’s church making false confessions about the Doctors health. According to one of the closest relatives, this woman captured the doctor’s life to the extent that she no longer wants him to take medicines.

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The source further states that the same woman has been hiding his drugs adding that this has been causing him to faint on several occasions.  We have also exclusively learnt that Dr. Barigye was supposed to return to Turkey for further review but the woman threatened him not to go unless she remains there.

According to some relatives who have been living with the family, the wife has been tormenting the man trying to force him subscribe to other religions. Dr Barigye is a staunch catholic and even they tied the knot in a catholic church but the woman has since abandoned it and she’s now a pastor.

‘I am telling you this woman wants the Director to die and get all properties. Now she hires pastors who are basically there confusing the family to get money from them. Dr Barigye we know cannot entertain that nonsense. Yes he loves God but he can’t allow that”, source said.

One of Prominent figures and friend to the Doctor had offered to help but he was abused by the woman Branding him all sorts of names that they want to kill the man.

Even so, other friends have been trying to assist but they have been cut-off from accessing the Doctor. Recently, one of Senior Doctors at M Regional Referral moved to counsel the woman whom he said was adamant to admit that Dr Barigye needs to continue taking medication in order to be strong. Instead, the woman trashed his advice reaffirming that the doctor doesn’t need any medicine but prayers. “That why she has turned a home into the church which the director has been standing against before falling sick. But she now takes the advantage of the doctor”, he said.

Dr Celestine Barigye is one of the best performing directors in Uganda. Government through the Ministry of Health is willing to foot all medical bills but the woman through her pastors is shying away.

We have also seen WhatsApp chats when one of the doctors in the hospitals attached the wife to the director of deliberately denying him medications and instead concentrate on prayers.

Leaked whatsapp chats where one of the doctors was attacking the wife Ruth Birungi of denying him of medical treatment.

People around the directors wife have concluded that she is the reason behind his suffering and even family members have been bitter with them. One of closes friends in Bushenyi had also said that there was a time when the director had planned to ask for a sick leave but the woman refused and instead hired pastors who falsely prophesied that if he goes on leave his job will be gone because there is a group of people including one identified as Dr Deus now acting who wants to take his job. However, sources at the ministry rubbished the claims stating that Dr Barigye’s record is reputable so he cannot be stepped down.

In the Ministry of Health has been supportive and wants the Director to get all treatment and of recent they approved his sick leave but the wife was up in arms.

One of the drivers in the hospital claims that of recently, Dr Barigye had planned to go to Mulago for routine assessment but instead the wife connived with one of the drivers identified as Alex and drove him to Pastor Kayanjas church. When the relatives leant of it, they were bitter with the woman who told them to backoff her husband adding that if he dies they have nothing to lose.

Relatives who were close to the director confessed that the woman has now taken over possession of all his properties including bank accounts. These add that the woman has been paying heavy all pastors and Pastor Kayanja to create a narrative that Dr. Barigye was bewitched. They now want government to intervene in the matter by removing the woman from being the next of kin and get another relative to assist the doctor.

They are also accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of misleading the woman to make him believe that the man was bewitched in an effort to continue milking the money from them. The relatives and friends to doctor Barigye have vowed to continue exposing the woman if she doesn’t allow him to seek medical treatment.