Self styled Jesus

NEWS- The Luweero District Magistrate’s court on Wednesday remanded self-styled ‘Jesus’, Navers Veran, to Butuntumula Prison for obstructing the 2024 census exercise.

While appearing before Magistrate Kingi Adyeri Tindyebwa on Wednesday, Vera pleaded not guilty to the charge of obstructing the execution of lawful duty (National Housing and Population Census 2024).

However, the court did not entertain his attempt to get bail because the prosecution was not ready with the case file particulars.

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State prosecution, led by Ms Sandra Nakibe, told the court that the case file was not ready. Veran, along with Erishani Day Gresher, a female suspect facing the same charge, were remanded until May 29, 2024, when they will appear in court for further mention of the case.

The duo was arrested on May 13, 2024, at Luyima village in Katikamu sub-county when they obstructed census enumerators from counting people at their home.

Prosecution contends that when the census enumerator, in the company of the LC1 Chairman, Mr Daniel Kikonyogo, arrived at the home of Veran, they were ordered to leave.

“We don’t subscribe to your worldly activity of counting people. You will not do it here. We are already counted by our God,” he said.

The LCs had been briefed about the stubborn cases that would possibly defy the census exercise, so the LC1 Chairman contacted the police at Wobulenzi police station.

While a section of people that had converged at the Church ran into hiding when the police arrived, Veran and his wife Gresher, maintained their stand against the census exercise.

The cult leader, the King of Star Glopper of Eden Church, claims to be a follower of El Shaddai Gracy. “I am the Son of God and my father (God) has already counted us. You are arresting the son of God. You will realize the power of God,” Jesus claimed as the police tried to get details and possibly convince him to embrace the census exercise.

Mr. Ezera Sserwambala, a resident of Luyima zone, Wobulenzi Town Council, claimed that the group that has been in the area for the last two years spends more time at the Church in loud prayers that inconvenience the neighbours.

“It is not good to stop any individual from praying, but the noisy prayers disrupt the peace of other people. We all pray, but the endless noise from this group is disturbing. We are also worried about the acts of defiance against all government programs, including the education of the children,” he said.

Luweero District Police Commander Mr John Ojokuna, said: “We are on the ground and will arrest any individuals suspected of sabotaging the census exercise. The Police are on the alert and working with all the other departments to ensure the success of the exercise.”

Another group ‘Enjiri’ located in the Kamira sub-county has threatened to defy the census exercise. Local leaders from Kamira sub-county on Wednesday, May 15, told the Monitor that the counting exercise in parishes where the cult is based in Kamira sub-county was yet to get counted due to technical setbacks but would be covered soon.