Sample bank notes of Ugandan shillings

NEWS– The Kasese woman Member of Parliament Hon Florence Kabugho has advised parents to cut their expenditures and concentrate on paying fees since children are back to schools.

According to the legislator, parents need to support their children education and also keep taking them to church so that they grow morally up right.

Hon. Kabugho sounded the advice yesterday morning while talking to Christians at Mulongoti Roman Catholic Church in Nyakabingo ward Central Division Kasese Municipality.

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She says educating is a pillar that can pave way for development a reason to why educating should be a priority in families.

From there Hon. Kabugho joined Pilgrims of St. Comboni Roman Catholic Church Rusese who had convened at Mubende National teachers College for prayers and after with them they preceded.

Hon Kabugho, who wished good luck to the pilgrims, asked all them to keep praying for peace unity and stability since they are pillars of development.