Peace Tibigwisa

OPINION- “Our president His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, you are a true leader sent from heavens, we trust you and now the whites have showed us how big you are so we are pleased of you, now you’re leading the whole world though opposition members like Dr. Kiiza Besigye and Bobi Wine are playing their games to blackmail Ugandans. We request that you come back in 2026 and we shower with votes”.

These were words of Ms Safina Ndyabagwa, resident of Kizinda Town Council, Bushenyi District after watching President Museveni being installed as Chairman Non Aligned Movement (NAM) at Munyonyo Convention Centre this month.

Safina’s Statement can be literally translated  ‘ President Museven Museveni should be left to rule, he was chosen by God. He got us from far and he is still taking us far. He has just been elected the Chairman of the whole world in Munyonyo. Besigye and Bobi need to rethink their comedy. As Ugandans we are ready to Vote for Gen Museveni in 2026.

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When President Museveni was being elected in Munyonyo as Chairman NAM, Besigye and Bobi Wine were attempting to depict Uganda as a failed State- A project which they completely failed to achieve.

Ugandans know how NRM and President Museveni have done much for the Stability and transformation of this Country since 1986. Ugandans know the levels of insecurity then, and security now under the revolutionary leadership of Gen Museveni.

Ugandans know how many kilometers of tarmacked road network in the country before 1986 and now 2024. Ugandans know how many Universities we had in 1986 and how many are now in 2024.

We cannot publish all the achievements of President Museveni now but this author will keep with us to keep you updated because President Museveni has done much for Ugandans and he is still working for them.

By Kansiime Peace Tibigwisa NRM

ONC Bazukulu Coordinator

(Bushenyi Sub – region)