Cadre Mucunguzi before the media

NTUNGAMO- The RDC Ntungamo Cadre Mucunguzi Geoffrey has refuted summon allegations that circulated on social media platforms on Thursday this week.

Cadre Mucunguzi urged the general public to disregard all social media posts, making false and baseless claims stressing that he is committed to fight corruption, criminality and injustice at Ntungamo chief magistrate court that has turned into a beehive of thieves.

The post shares “Ntungamo RDC faces jail over theft, house breaking”.

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He noted that accusations are very tendentious, false, slanderous and baseless and are only intended to demoralize his commitment to fight against impunity at the Ntungamo court since it has ceased completely in various departments in the district.

Addressing the media in Ntungamo Town on Friday, Cadre Mucunguzi stressed that the bickering with judiciary started when he reported rot among some judicial officers who coving with court bailiffs to extort money from less privileged citizens before the deputy chief justice Richard Buteera in February 2023 during the Ntungamo district open court day.

He revealed that since his arrival in the district, cattle theft have been stopped henceforth, ghost workers and health centers and district payroll was cleaned,  unscrupulous money lenders (Kafuna) take peoples’ properties stopped and recently the resident state attorney had started releasing cattle thieves but now is on interdiction.

Cadre Mucunguzi affirmed the general public to be calm saying that these are the kicks of a dying horse for those who are culpable and he will not obliged to appear before court on 9th January 2024.

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