Ntungamo District Woman MP Joselyne Bata Kamateneti

NTUNGAMO- As we report, Ntungamo District Woman Member Parliament Joselyn Bata Kamateneti, is reportedly in panic mode ahead of the 2026 general elections.

This is said to have been sparked off by news circulating about the First Daughter Ms. Diana Museveni Kyaremera who is considering contesting for Ntungamo District Woman MP seat.

According to an inner circle and legislator’s close friends who spoke on grounds of anonymity, this has placed her between a rock and hard place as she is serving her first term in Parliament.

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They revealed that Kamateneti is currently not pleased with the development but as a young politician, she is  currently digging into the source within the First family, and if it turns out to be true she will have no option but to either quit elective politics or go to vie for Kajara Country where she’s married come 2026.

Additionally, this publication has been told that, the same legislator had been a darling to the First family ever since she was elected Ntungamo District Woman MP until recently when the First Lady was a no show at her belated Women’s Day celebrations in the district but was represented by Alice Kaboyo, the State Minister incharge of Luwero Triangle.

It can be noted that for the last two years, Mrs. Museveni used to camp in Ntungamo for at least two days before celebrating women’s day with the people of Ntungamo but on Thursday 21 March 2024, it took most of them by surprise when she didn’t appear yet the event attracted several women MPs of 11th parliament.

Information has it that the presence of the First Lady has been an assurance to Kamateneti who thought 2026 would be a walkover but now things look to have turned upside down.

Since January, the legislator has been in the district trying to build political relationship and can now pick calls that she used not to. “Infact, she was recently photographed having launch with students of a certain school in Rushenyi,” a source said.

Another source also told us the president is set to be in the district on 4th of April to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Bwogyera Girls Secondary School and this publication will on the ground to connect the dots.

Relatedly, a few weeks ago, President’s daughter Kyaremera went public to announce that she had part ways with her husband and businessman Geoffrey Kamuntu.

Now political pundits have castigated it as a smart move to enter into politics as she may win by sympathy votes. In this case Ntungamo is the best district since it’s her ancestral home.