A section of leaders from Rukungiri and Kanungu districts

NEWS- The promotion of identity politics, based on religion in the greater Kigezi region which had been on the decline in the 1990s with the Movement system of governance is again on a dangerously upward trend, as politicians use whatever is at their disposal to win seats in parliament in the forthcoming poll.

This upward disregard for national cohesion as individuals jostle for seats in parliament is not surprising as parliament increasingly appears to be a Centre of lucrative transactions and dealings which have left the mwananchi stunned.

An increasing radicalization of one religious sect against the other is playing out unabated in the Kigezi region with leaders playing the number of games as the 2026 poll draws close.

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In Kanungu district, a group allied to Dr. Chris Baryomunsi the ICT minister and Kinkiizi east MP is covertly and overtly mobilizing Catholics against the Anglican establishment in the district to secure a 2026 win for a 4th term in office for the legislator.

Bitter public spats by proxies are stoking tensions, the Diocese of Kinkiizi is currently said to be behind a group of individuals involved in court battles with former Area MP Dr. Hamlet Kabushenga over a community university that he founded.

The dispute has forced Kabushenga to form an alliance with Dr. Baryomunsi who has used his political weight to subvert court processes and skew public opinion on the matter.

This is done with the aim of weakening the influence of the diocese on the populace that is deemed likely to influence poll outcomes in 2026.

Just across Rukungiri district, a group allied to Hon Mary Paula Turyahikayo the former Rubabo MP is involved in covert mind games as she eyes the district woman MP seat.

A radio station she owns has severally been used to attack Anglican leaders and technocrats that are deemed to be opposed to her bid.

With the publication of severely damaging information against district leaders and technocrats, deemed opposed to her bid, the team allied to Turyahikayo hopes to whip a mass catholic vote in her favor.

In greater Kabale, lines have been drawn; it’s common for leaders subscribing to one religious sect to be denied platforms on functions organized by other sects.

This worrying trend is raising questions from social commentators and observers. Many believe that the divisions based on political interests can degenerate into public disorder and want them reigned in.

Maj. General Jim Muhwezi the Rukungiri District chairman, Rujumbura county MP in a meeting this week declared Rukungiri based Radio Boona an enemy entity following severely damaging allegations aired by the radio.

During an NRM district meeting held at Hotel riverside Muhwezi said the radio was anti movement and should be shunned.

Though the declaration has been brushed off by some sections of the public, the party will allocate resources to neutralize the enemy which spells more tensions.

Unless delicate diplomatic moves are made to bring down the increasing tempers, the coming political season may leave irreparable damage