NEWS- Mr Francis Mugisha, the head of finance department at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital in western Uganda survived mob justice a few days ago after knocking dead one person.

Sources alleg that 61-year-old Mugisha who hails from Kisoro Rugando Rwampara was extremely drunk by the time he committed the crime. He was allegedly driving a government vehicle toyota pickup belonging to Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital in the wee hours of the night but the details of the number plate are underway according to various reports.

“He was returning from the local bar with his closest colleagues to whom they always frequent the bar together by the time the incident happened. He was also with a woman who disappeared”, a detective reportedly said.

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She reportedly accused Mr Mugisha of violating traffic rules and regulations adding that it has become habitual. A boda boda cyclist who is said to have witnessed the incident said he was shocked that Mr Mugisha reversed his car and finished off the victim who was still gasping for breath reasoning that his intention could have been to kill evidence.

The eyewitness who appeared shocked claimed that Mugisha drove off immediately but he was able to identify his car adding that he knew him as a senior doctor at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital.

However, the news which they had concealed broke loose in a certain bar where one Mugisha and some doctors at the referral always hang out. One of intelligence officers was probably briefed as he overheard them laying strategies to keep the matter a secret.

He claimed the matter was reported to Police because after knocking the innocent child dead on Mbarara Kamwenge highway, he secretly called Mbarara Central Police personnel to take the body to Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital morgue.

This shocking revelation could have been prompted by disagreement in sharing the cash between officers who were helping the accused person to evade the arrests.

A close friend whom he drinks with is said to have not embraced the idea and decided to betray him by letting the cat out of the bag after. “It is not a brilliant way to play around with someone’s life however much you have the money to silence police”, the source said.

He was speaking with empathy as he claims that after killing the innocent soul, he took his vehicle to one of the garages for repairs as it can be traced by the CCTV cameras.

“He could have given kitu kidogo to my fellow security Officers at Police to give the case a blind eye and that’s why his car way neither impounded nor recording this case at police. That man is actually arrogant and he claims to be connected in our security circles. Let’s assume he was not drunk but he has now exposed his arrogance and criminal record by watching an innocent soul dying by driving off, said one of intelligence sources.

The source added that he was told he will pay off the bereaved family at an appropriate time.

“Even the Administration at his workplace has deliberately chosen to keep silence instead of helping the voiceless family to cover the burial costs on behalf of the colleague, maybe they are covering up something, adds the source. You can’t do this in other countries where our laws are strong”, he added.

When this news publication attempted to reach out to the accused accountant for a comment, he just jeered and hanged up.

For now, this case remains limited to only few individuals especially the accused’s drinking mates and few police officers.

These also threaten to involve the Office of the Resident District Commissioner should police downplays this case that implicates a government officer.

The intelligence source claims that one Mugisha has bribed his way out adding that he should be behind bars for multiple charges but he is now scot-free as if nothing has happened.

Cases of hit and run are reportedly increasing according to Uganda Police Records but the rate at which perpetrators are being brought to book is very low and this is blamed on corruption in the force.