Kaginda Roland, Ingrid Turinawe, Wallen Tumwine

NEWS- The Buhweju Member of Parliament Hon Francis Mwijuikye who doubles as general Treasurer of Forum for Democratic Change Katonga faction has advised FDC leaders of Rukungiri to cooperate if they are to regain the Rukungiri Municipality seat which was taken by the National Resistance Movement in 2021 general elections.

Mwijukye urged the people of Rukungiri that if Dr Wallen  Tumwine, Ingrid Turinawe and Hon Mugume Roland Kaginda can’t agree to field one candidate in the coming Election, they should be knocked out in favour of another person who will Unit FDC to regain its glory in Rukungiri.

Hon Mugume Roland Kaginda, Dr Wallen Tumwine and Ingrid Turinawe rallied Rukungiri people to stay focused on reconquering Rukungiri from the hands of NRM despite the trio’s misunderstandings.

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However Ingrid Turinawe openly said the FDC Katonga faction needs to stay on truth and stability, less greed for money which led to the decline of their original party which they loved most hence asking Dr. Wallen Tumwine, the Rukungiri Municipality FRDC flag bearer to be on the same line with them other than sidelining himself from the struggle.

At the same consultative meeting in Rukungiri district, FDC supporters from Rukungiri and Kanungu districts denounced the Najjanakumbi faction in addition to asking Dr. Col. Kiiza Besigye to form another political party under Katonga faction and to lead them in the contest for presidency in 2026.

This was revealed by Kanungu and Rukungiri districts FDC chairpersons, Alysious Mugarura and John Vian Ayebare who said this resolution was reached on by the party district committee and they appealed to Dr. Besigye to consider their resolutions positively.

DR col Kiiza Besigye asked the Rukungiri district FDC fraternity to prepare themselves for the next step because they were betrayed by the people he left the party to 12 years ago, stressing that he has now come back to start from where he had stopped from .

Dr. Besigye added that they must work as a team if they are to change the situation in Uganda’s education, Health, welfare and other services which they had gone to the bush to fight for but later Museveni betrayed them.

Dr. Besigye stressed that the struggle should start from Rukungiri where he asked them to again form Power ten right away from Grassroot level as they prepare to form a new party after consultative meetings.