By CPA Frederick Wanume Kibbedi

Op-Ed- In 1988, I found myself on a journey that would forever be etched in my memory. Riding my father’s bicycle to the trading center in Musita, I was full of the joy and fervor that came from my faith.

 As was my habit, I spent the time singing Gospel songs and preaching to an imaginary audience, declaring victory over everything the devil had stolen.

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As I rode along the dusty village path, a huge cobra suddenly appeared in front of me, rearing up to its full height. It was a terrifying sight, one that would have caused most people to freeze in fear. But in that moment, I felt an incredible calm wash over me, a divine assurance that I was under the protection of the Lord.

Lost and frozen I exclaimed and fell off the bike, and as I did, the cobra slowly receded into the bushes and disappeared. I regained strength pedaled away, my heart pounding but my spirit lifted, grateful for the miraculous deliverance I had just experienced.

Years have passed since that fateful day, and the very spot where that cobra vanished is now the site of my retirement home. It stands as a magnificent testament to God’s faithfulness and protection. What was once a place of fear has become a place of peace and thanksgiving, where I now spend my days reflecting on the journey the Lord has brought me through.

This home is not just a structure of bricks and mortar, but a symbol of God’s grace and provision in my life.

It is a reminder that no matter the challenges and dangers we face, the Lord is always with us, turning our trials into triumphs for His glory.

 Today, I look back with a heart full of gratitude, praising Him for where He has brought me from and for the countless blessings that have followed.