Kanungu District based journalists take a group picture with FIA officials

NEWS– Media practitioners have been asked to take keen interest in Financial Intelligence Authority services so that they can become part and parcel of combating money laundering and financial terrorism activities in Uganda.

The call was made by the Financial Intelligence Authority Spokesman Jossy Muhangi while engaging journalists from Kanungu District in an interactive dialogue about the functions of the Authority which was established in 2013 under the Anti Money Laundering Act.

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Muhangi explained that although Financial Intelligence Authority is a semi-autonomous entity, it cannot work in isolation to achieve its mission and objectives and therefore need stakeholders like the media to win its wars.

He also said that Financial Intelligence Authority also works with other competent organisations like Uganda Revenue Authority, Inspectorate of Government, Uganda Police, Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Director of Public Prosecutions in investigations in order to fulfill their mandate.

While speaking at the same engagement which took at Meeting Point in Kihihi Town Council Allan Kaganzi from Financial Intelligence Authority said that it’s important for the media practitioners to understand the Money Laundering Act so that they too can be at the forefront of fostering integrity in financial systems through effective detection and reporting about this negative vice.